We've all been in a situation where you recognize the face but forget the name. Use this handy list to help you greet that certain someone and gracefully traverse this social awkwardness.
  1. Hey Buddy! / Hey Beautiful
    Use the 2nd expression sparingly as it can come off creepy depending on your inflection.
  2. Look who it is...
    The idea being, you're asking, look who it is, then hoping someone will please tell you.
  3. What's up Adam?
    This is a bold one. But 87% of people are named Adam so it can work. Use sparingly.
  4. Momma?
    Self explanatory. Even if she isn't your mamma. You can blame your forgetfulness on a head trauma.
  5. GET DOWN!!!
    Always a great move as the person you are yelling at will immediately be thankful for you saving their lives.
  6. Well if it isn't Mrs Turtleface
    Nick Names are great for shown familiarity and connectivity.
  7. THE DOCTOR!!!!
    Best used against white people or may seem racist.
    Suggested by @thegregorybrothers
  8. Hello, gorgeous.
    WARNING: it's hard to pull this one off if you're not a gay man or Jewish woman from New York.
    Suggested by @SGGinNYC