I'm going to Pittsburgh next week...and besides seeing movies I don't know where to go or what to do. Tell me.
  1. Go to a Steelers or Pens or Pirates game
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    Steelers Bengals is a home game at 1PM on Sunday. Pirates are in the offseason and Pens are out of town for about 10 days after today. This is kind of the main thing that people do for fun. Go or watch on TV or talk about it.
    Suggested by @charlie
  2. Mattress Factory Museum
    Suggested by @gillianjacobs
  3. Cathedral of Learning at the University of Pittsburgh
    Suggested by @gillianjacobs
  4. Phipps Conservatory, eat at Salt of the Earth, see a movie at The Manor, catch a show at Carnegie Mellon's Drama school if you can (the best theater school in the US, students will be winning Tonys before you know it), drinks at The Church Brew Works or Lava Lounge
    Suggested by @sarahgorman
  5. Eat at Square Cafe (for day 2 of brunch)
    Day 1 is Pamela's, for the hot cakes. You can't eat here every day cus they're cooked in lard and you'll die. But Square Café is amazing.
    Suggested by @maira
  6. Other great restaurants: Union Pig and Chicken, BRGR, Casbah, Girasole
    Suggested by @sarahgorman
  7. Hofbrauhaus
    It's tacky but great
    Suggested by @k8mcgarry
  8. Pamela's in The Strip
    Unbelievable breakfast place. Best pancakes. Every time I go to Pitt, I'm razzed when I don't go here. Obama's been like 3 times. Bonus: walking up and down the Strip is my fav thing about Pitt: markets, bakeries, chocolatiers.
    Suggested by @Adam
  9. Primanti Bros.
    Sounds gross but is great. You might need to do it once.
    Suggested by @Adam
  10. Duquesne Incline
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    Suggested by @biz
  11. Go to a dog park and play with people's dogs pretending to be a dog yourself. If anyone asks what you're doing or asks you to stop, just bark at them.
    I'm not from Pittsburgh, this just seems like a fun thing to do in general.
    Suggested by @OffTheDott
  12. Visit parks, like Schenley Park
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    My mom works on taking care of these and making them nice to visit
    Suggested by @charlie
  13. Mineo's Pizza in Squirrel Hill
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    This is my favorite pizza. It's really greasy in a good way. Can't get anything like it in California. The tomato sauce is also different from most pizza but not weird or anything. Is great reheated too. There's also a location in Mt Lebanon but you should just go to the original in Sq Hill.
    Suggested by @charlie
  14. Restaurants: Meat & Potatoes, sienna mercato, piccolo forno are a few good suggestions; Primantis is the famous 'burgh sandwich w/fries. Go to Mt Washington and ride the incline. Strip District (shopping, not stripping). Sporting events- Steelers, Pens, Pitt football. Museum: Warhol, Heinz History Center, Carnegie. Point State Park.
    Suggested by @carcam224
  15. Eat at Fuel & Fuddle
    Suggested by @akazan
  16. Franktuary (hot dog shop in the basement of a church downtown) and you gotta get a grilled cheese at the Yard
    Suggested by @rqcha
  17. Visit the buffalo at South Park!
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    Suggested by @e