1. Take the funicular up Petrin Hill
    Hop off mid-hill for a fancy lunch with a view at Nebozizek and fresh fruit for desert from the hill side trees. I tell tourists it's a public orchard with free fruit. They believe me. I believe me.
  2. Do your cardio on Petrin Tower
    Only in Prague would they aspire to build a smaller replica of Eiffel Tower for the 1891 World Fair with no elevator. The views are better than Paris though.
  3. Visit Prague for the wine
    You thought Prague = beer? Nuhuh. There is a beautiful vineyard in Troja and as a bonus it's next to the zoo. The zoo has the second best funicular in town.
  4. Take the rebel's tour of the castle
    Skip the touristy Cathedral with nothing but stones and stained glass in it and visit the pretty summer palace with lovely gardens and beautiful paintings instead, just because you can.
  5. Visit the Mucha Museum
    Art Nouveau and Art Deco overload. You'll never understand what it was like in the "golden republic" of 1920s Czechoslovakia without seeing this guy's art.
  6. Island hop
    Canoe between the little islands that dot Vltava river and pretend you're an explorer discovering Mitteleuropa.
  7. Go to Vysehrad
    Read up on the legend of the Semik horse and the brief period in Czech history when the land was ruled by women before you go.
  8. Have a nosey around Bubenec
    Otherwise known as Prague 6, it's the area behind the castle packed with embassy residences and secretive looking mansions. Marvel at the contrast between the Russian and American embassy buildings.
  9. Pretend to be Trotsky
    And visit all the turn of the century cafes, drinking mediocre coffee, reading a newspaper on a wooden stick, eating pancakes and playing chess. Revolution planning optional. Cafe Louvre and Cafe Slavia are both good for this. Put that caffeine to good use by going to the opera nearby afterwards.
  10. Eat at Degustation
    Prague's first Michelin star restaurant. Don't save your pennies, have the tasting menu. Change perceptions of Czech fine dining back home forever.