Best Meals I Had in Thailand on My Last Trip

Spent most of January and February in Thailand this year. Here are my top five meals of the journey, no particular order.
  1. Khao Soi Neua (beef Khao Soi), Khao Soi Prince. My favorite KS joint in Chiang Mai scared shit out of me by abruptly closing shop in town where they had done business for 4 decades. Found them hidden behind Maejo University about 15 kilometers outside the city. Phew.
  2. Near Wat Ku Tao is a place called Heurn Kham, where a young couple make Shan dishes. The lady of the house takes your order, her husband cooks everything from scratch on the spot. The food is amazingly good, even though MSG is the featured seasoning; it's just used masterfully.
  3. In Phrae, a Provincial capital South of Lampang, there is a place called Jin Sot (fresh meat) where the proprietor runs an tight ship and makes some of the cleanest, most deeply flavorful northern Thai food in the country. His laap is amazing. I went 4 hours out of my way and spent a night in Phrae while on a long motorbike trip just to eat here.
  4. Nahm, Bangkok, where my dear friend, bad influence and world renowned Chef David Thompson plies his trade. Every meal here is a revelation, adventure. It challenges everything you think you know about Thai cuisine and at a price that is absurdly low for the experience. Worth traveling to Thailand, just to eat there.
  5. When I grow weary of laap, Jin som, kaeng Om, Sai muu Yaang and other meat heavy Northern Thai delights, Khao tom is my go to for relief. Khao Tom Phatom in Chiang Mai is always stellar, beating out many more famous places in Bangkok for their Chinese Thai staple, like Jap Chay, all served with bland rice soup. Even their rice soup is special.