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  1. 14.
    5 Albums that changed your life
    Sharing my music with other people gives me anxiety. Too much pressure.
  2. 13.
    People I would like to be for a day
    The answer is pretty much anybody, it's about the novelty, not so much the person
  3. 12.
    To me happiness is...
    Too deep.
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  1. Angora
  2. Zinnia
  3. Thorne
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So I saw that the Matrix was on tv, and decided I should watch it because I hadn't seen it before. However I only got the last 20 min or so.
  1. Oh yeah! Fighting bros, together forever.
  2. Is this guy his pal, or using him? How aware are these people?
  3. Who is this girl
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If anyone can interpret this, be my guest.
  1. We open on a young couple in the 1950s. They want to start a family, but have been unable to conceive. They begin looking for ways to adopt.
  2. The wife finds a baby chick alone under a tree. She takes him home, and the couple decided to adopt him, and raise him as their own son.
  3. At first, all is well. The happy young family lives in a small house in a beachside town. The schools are good and the neighborhood is friendly. Their experience with a chicken son is for all intents and purposes the same as if he were their own child.
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  1. Phil Dunphey
    Goofy and carefree and so supportive. A+
  2. Marshall Eriksen
    Funny and genuine. We would be happily codependent.
  3. Ben Wyatt
    Smug awkward know it all nerd baby. So my aesthetic.
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I'm having too much fun on snapchat
  1. Andy Dwyer
  2. Leslie Knope
  3. Mark Brendanawicz
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  1. Oliver Wood
    Harry Potter
  2. Doctor Sam
    New Girl
  3. Floyd
    30 Rock
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  1. Let Down- Radiohead (OK Computer)
    A boy recommended this album
  2. Electric Love- BØRNS (Candy- EP)
    Not the Bob's Burgers one
  3. Tie the Rope- The Format (Interventions and Lullabies)
    High school song holds up
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