1. Brain
    He's a know it all, but he's interesting and fun, and uses his power of logic and science to support his friends in their dreaming.
  2. Buster
    He's funny and chill. We could have a great time discussing ridiculous scenarios.
  3. Muffy
    She's spoiled and totally out of touch, but she means well and is good to her friends. She brings energy and vigor and a new perspective as well as totally cool opportunities for lavish experiences
  4. Binky
    It would take a while to get through the tough guy exterior, but he is passionate and supportive. He wouldn't be afraid to do unique things and could teach me about a varied range of subjects with a new perspective. A generous and loyal friend.
  5. George
    He hangs in the background, but he seems to have an interesting life that he enjoys while everyone else goes about their days, and I'd love to be in on that. He's also secretly pretty funny. Ventriloquism, so unique!
  6. Fern
    This would be a pretty quiet sort of friendship, but we could discuss cool books with excited vigor and that would be fun.
  7. Francine
    She's a chill girl. She would find my lack of sports ability or interest appalling, but she makes it work with Muffy, so why not.
  8. Sue Ellen
    Sue Ellen's life is so interesting, and I like her a lot. She doesn't have the best track record of being a kind and sensitive friend. She would be pretty cool to know, but I would also feel intimidated and like we wouldn't really have a lot to talk about mutually.
  9. DW
    This would be a roller coaster. She would be a constant struggle of trying not to be bossed around, and there were several times when she was less than a good friend to Emily and the Tibble twins. But she's a confident, independent lady who would inspire me to be the same, and I'd rather have her on my side than opposed.
  10. Arthur
    Eh, he seems like he is always apologizing for something. He would be fun to discuss superheroes and comics with though.
  11. Prunella
    She's sort of annoying and high strung, and I would probably end up in the middle of weird rituals or things, but it would be a new experience...