Happy 10th Anniversary!!!
  1. The Start Of Something New- HSM
    Boy, was it ever. Not the strongest number on the list but it has character and the song is great.
  2. Bop to the Top-HSM
    Sharpay and Ryan at their best
  3. Work This Out- HSM2
    Love the pots and pans percussion solo, and the large group choreography in the cramped kitchen.
  4. What Time Is It- HSM2
    First day of summer excitement. We've all been there.
  5. Status Quo- HSM
    My personal favorite. Cafeteria dancing and secondary character backstory to a catchy tune encouraging you to embrace who you are.
  6. You Are The Music In Me- HSM2
    So summative of Troy and Gabriella's relationship. Plus the song is just great and they're awesome at it. Another personal favorite.
  7. What I've Been Looking For- HSM
    Although Troy and Gabriella's reprise is beautiful and full of chemistry, Ryan and Sharpay's energetic theatrical version wins.
  8. Bet on it-HSM2
    Troy dancing is brought to a whole new level.
  9. I Don't Dance- HSM2
    The tension. And boys in baseball pants. Life is good.
  10. Breaking Free- HSM
    The most powerful song of the series. Showed us all what this musical meant to them and that their struggles were worth it to do what they love.
  11. Getcha Head in The Game- HSM
    Impressive basketball work.
  12. I Just Wanna Be With You- HSM3
    Totally playing the crowd with Classic Troy Bolton dance moves, everyone comes together to celebrate their strong high school friendships with graduation looming.
  13. We're All in This Together-HSM
    Obviously. Ask anyone age 19 to 23 and we could still probably do the whole dance thanks to the choreography tutorials for this number they would play after the movie.