1. 5 Albums that changed your life
    Sharing my music with other people gives me anxiety. Too much pressure.
  2. People I would like to be for a day
    The answer is pretty much anybody, it's about the novelty, not so much the person
  3. To me happiness is...
    Too deep.
  4. Careers I'd pursue if money was no option
    I'm already struggling finding one good career for my real life
  5. The best advice I ever received
    I can never really remember this stuff when I need to actually recount it, but if I had something good, I'm in.
  6. Words my friends would use to describe me
    I don't like to put words in other people's mouths, but I might do it anyway
  7. Gifs that show up when you search my name
    I find these amusing
  8. Books I have read more than once
    I reread pretty frequently, and I would probably never end up publishing it for fear of leaving something out
  9. Guilty Pleasures
    I am not ashamed
  10. The last 4 photos on my phone, captioned
    I love sharing photos and although I'm not a good captioner, I do so anyway frequently
  11. Three happy moments from today
    Some days things happen and you just need to tell everyone
  12. Screenshots I have on my phone, explained
    If you give me a platform to talk about my random photos that nobody cares about, I will take that opportunity
  13. TV shows I watched with my parents, growing up
    I love to reminisce
  14. 5 photos on my phone, chosen at random
    Everyone needs to see my pictures of food, friends, and embroidered sweaters.