In my town, there is a pizza place called Pizza Paul's. It is locally famous for what are called "Paul's Balls" which are essentially balls of dough with various toppings.
  1. Bacon Ball
    Nacho cheese+bacon
  2. Salsa Ball
    Nacho cheese with salsa
  3. Cheesecake ball
    Top with cheesecake filling and raspberry sauce
  4. Pineapple Ball
    Cut ball in half fill with pineapple, top with confectionary sugar and raspberry sauce
  5. Nutty Ball
    Peanut butter spread with 3 peanut butter cups
  6. Basic Ball
    Cheddar, mozzarella, and garlic mixture
  7. Dew in the Ball
    Dew frosting with Doritos crushed over it
  8. Nacho Ball
    Nacho cheese sauce
  9. Blue ball
    Basic ball with blue ball sauce
  10. Merry ball
    Basic ball with pizza sauce on the side
  11. Rollover my Balls
    Chocolate frosting, caramel drizzle and 3 rolos
  12. Buffalo Ball
    Basic ball with medium wing sauce
  13. Sweet Ball
    Confectionary sugar with raspberry or caramel drizzle
  14. Spice up my balls
    Cream cheese filling with pumpkin spice
  15. Sweet + sexy
    Warm ball in fryer cut it open put 1/4 of a Brownie and close it top it off with confectionary sugar + Raspberry sauce
  16. honeybutter my balls
    Drizzle butter roll in cinnamon and top with honey
  17. Nuttelling about my balls
    Covered with Nutella and chopped nuts
  18. Snickering Ball
    Chocolate frosting with caramel drizzle and 3 snickers
  19. Almost Joyful about my balls
    Chocolate frosting with almonds and coconut