Every year, the band the Killers does a Christmas single to support Project (RED) a charity that works to help to fight AIDS. These songs are always unique and great and a hi-light of the holiday season
  1. I feel it In My Bones (2012)
    Second in the "Don't Shoot me Santa" installment, this is and edgy rock song about what a badass Santa does to those on the naughty list.
  2. Boots (2010)
    This video depicts a lovely story of redemption and picking yourself up when you're down. The message of family and the power of the Christmas spirit is beautiful and touching.
  3. Joseph, Better You Than Me (2008)
    Approaches the Christmas story from the position of Joseph. Offers an interesting consideration of perspective. With guest vocalists Neil Tennant and Elton John, this song has an exciting rock sound.
  4. Christmas in LA (2013)
    This is one that really brings the melancholia. The sound is not that of a regular Christmas song, but it fits the mood of the piece and gives a lot of feeling to it. Owen Wilson appears in the video which I questioned, but it works.
  5. Happy Birthday Guadalupe (2009)
    Fun and upbeat, this one describes a holiday much different than the white Christmas we are used to imagining, adding a bit of warmth and diversity to the holiday season.
  6. Joel the Lump of Coal (2014)
    This song tells the story of a lump of coal that Santa gives to a child for Christmas. The story is unique and bittersweet and very touching. The animation of the video is somewhere between funny and creepy, but the Christmas sweaters are always great. Overall I think it's catchy and different and I like it.
  7. Dirt Sledding (2015)
    The third in the "Don't shoot me Santa" installment. The intro is haunting, the tune is catchy, the cinematography of the music video is awesome, and the message of forgiveness and acceptance in the spirit of Christmas feels fresh and satisfying in the Santa plot line.
  8. Cowboy's Christmas Ball (2011)
    Massively fun. A nineteenth century poem by William Lawrence Chittenden put to music, this song is a great combination of the Christmas spirit and the band's Midwestern roots. The music is peppy and sure to get stuck in your head and the video is a visual pleasure to watch.
  9. Don't shoot me Santa (2007)
    First in a series, this song is an instant classic. There is so much going on and it is all awesome from side conversations with Santa Claus to puppets to awesome Christmas sweaters. The story is awesome, the music is awesome, the video is awesome. One to listen to all year round.
  10. A Great Big Sled (2006)
    Their first holiday single, this is one of my favorite Christmas songs of all time. This song embraces the wonder and fun of childhood and the self reflection that comes with the holiday season. The use of bells and chimes gives a traditional Christmassy sound atop a great rock song. The home movie format of the video gives a joyous sense of genuine Christmas cheer.