If anyone can interpret this, be my guest.
  1. We open on a young couple in the 1950s. They want to start a family, but have been unable to conceive. They begin looking for ways to adopt.
  2. The wife finds a baby chick alone under a tree. She takes him home, and the couple decided to adopt him, and raise him as their own son.
  3. At first, all is well. The happy young family lives in a small house in a beachside town. The schools are good and the neighborhood is friendly. Their experience with a chicken son is for all intents and purposes the same as if he were their own child.
  4. As he gets older, the chicken begins to misbehave more regularly. He begins to get into fights with the children at school and is prone to pecking.
  5. The violence and the pecking escalate. Playground friends are getting seriously hurt. When confronted, the chicken gets violent toward the principle. Violence also begins to occur in other public areas and with strangers.
  6. The parents are called into school. Their chicken son has bitten off several of a friend's fingers. When called in to talk about it, he pecked her father and attacked the principle, leaving them bloody and frightened before fleeing the school.
  7. He starts attacking people he encounters in the street. It gets increasingly violent and gruesome. People are dying. Body parts are being pecked clean off. Nobody seems to be able to stop him.
  8. The couple, panicking, goes to their sons doctor, asking for help to understand why this is happening and what they should do to stop it.
  9. He informs them that their son is actually the devil, come to earth in chicken form. If not stopped, he could do unimaginable damage. They must kill him or flee.
  10. Can they do it? He IS, the devil, but he is also their son.
  11. Back at the house, the chicken son comes, leaving a wake of destruction in his path down the pier near their house.
  12. The chicken gets aggressive, but the parents cannot kill him, they still love their child.
  13. His father comes outside and tries to speak to him.
    He must be convinced to stop destroying the city.
  14. The chicken pecks his head in, killing the father.
  15. The mother realizes now that he will stop at nothing. Grabbing the father's gun, she prepares herself, she knows what she must do.
  16. Conflicted and sobbing, the mother shoots her devil chicken son with a gold bullet.
  17. He is injured, but not dead, and chased her down the pier. They fight.
  18. Because he is injured, the mother is able to overpower the chicken, but he continues to fight viscously.
  19. In a last act of desperation, she throws him off the pier, and into the ocean, where he is immediately eaten by a passing whale.
  20. She then makes her way home, victorious, but facing the daunting task of rebuilding her shattered life and town.
  21. .....
  22. The end.
  23. ......
  24. Yes, I actually dreamed this.