1. I used to watch a fair amount of What Not to Wear
  2. It was fun and interesting to see the suggestions and transformations
  3. Everything was well and good until one episode they were taking clothes out of a woman's closet, and they focus in on one skirt to criticize
  4. But wait...
  5. Pleated black skirt with blue flowers...
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  6. I've seen that same skirt before.
  7. In my own closet!
  8. What's so wrong with it?
  9. I thought it was nice.
  10. Well maybe they have some points, but still, it's not that bad.
  11. Whatever, I will accept this as a fluke and move on.
  12. But some time later...
  13. New episode
  14. New closet.
  15. Man, they really hate those tan shoes.
  16. Good, let's get a zoomed in look at the offending flats.
  17. ....
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  18. Oh no.
  19. Not again.
  20. I was just wearing those yesterday.
  21. I know they're not the sexiest pair of shoes in the world, but I thought they were fine.
  22. Clint and Stacy sure beg to differ.
  23. Man...
  24. That's a bummer.