I was so nervous and conscious of the brief time I had that I ended up saying very little. I've been kicking myself since then. Here goes:
  1. I love your sense of humor. - almost as much as I love your music.
  2. I'm happy to see you dancing a little.
  3. The video for 'I Still Feel Like Your Man' was great! Are the pandas here tonight?
  4. I have a great group of friends thanks to you and your music - thank you for bringing us together!
  5. I brought something for you, but didn't give it to you. I could have left it outside the room, but you wouldn't have had the story. It's a little Jerry Garcia crocheted by a lady named Sara. Sara and her family live in South Carolina and they have a VW Bus named Althea. They love Grateful Dead!
  6. I went through six months of chemo in 2016. Your music carried me through some tough times. I even camped at Bonnaroo to see Dead & Co!
  7. Thank you for offering the M&G, the kindness you showed to me and the hug!