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  1. A personalised health experience for every Australian
  2. Profitable sales growth driven through a strong private Label strategy and brands that customer prefer and expect
  3. A world leading pharmacy experience and designed driven by a desire for every customer to receive the highest quality advice from a trusted professional
  1. Janelle Role
  2. HR catchup
  3. Presentation Ops
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  1. Sam Harris Guided Meditation
  2. Aristotles golden mean
  3. Valve: Handbook for new employees
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  1. It's better to say and do the right thing than be liked
  2. If you can sell and make things in a downturn you will be ok
    An ability to lead people and improve results is also vital
  3. We aren't here for any reason we are a small piece of a universe we don't understand - only we hold ourselves back
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  1. Restrepo
  2. A Chance in Hell: The Battle for Ramadi
  3. The Battle of Algiers
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  1. Journals
    Henry David Thoreau
  2. On the Shortness of Life
  3. Anything By
    Alan Watts
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  1. Pick topic
  2. Find the best books
  3. Find LinkedIn learning course
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  1. Will I have to do this at some point?
  2. What's the worst that could happen?
  3. What am I trying to achieve?
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  1. Huddle for top priority
  2. End of Day Meeting
  3. Weekly WIP & Actions
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  1. What am I doing when I am the most energetic and focused
  2. What did I enjoy doing as a kid that I no longer do now
  3. What would make today a success
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