1. Journals
    Henry David Thoreau
  2. On the Shortness of Life
  3. Anything By
    Alan Watts
  4. The Republic
  5. If this is a man & Truce
    Primo Levi
  6. Blood Meridian
    Cormac McCarthy
  7. The Moral Bucket List
    David Brooks
  8. Hooked
    Nir Eyal
  9. The Inevitable
    Kevin Kelly
  10. Gates of Fire
    Steven Pressfield
  11. Once an Eagle
    Anton Myrer
  12. The Other
    Jorge Louis Borges
  13. Practical Ethics and Animal Liberation
    Peter Singer
  14. Reasons & Persons
    Derek Parfit
  15. Mindfulness
    Mark Williams
  16. The Power of Persuasion
    Robert Levine
  17. The things they carried
    Tim O'Brien
  18. The Drama of the Gifted Child
    Alice Miller
  19. Atlas Shrugged & The fountainhead
    Ayn Rand
  20. On the Geneology of Morality
  21. The Power of Myth & The hero with a thousand faces
    Joseph Campbell
  22. The Art of Learning
    Josh Waitzkin
  23. The unbreakable lightness of being
    Milan Kundera
  24. 100 years of solitude
    Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  25. The Right Stuff
    Tom Wolfe