1. It's better to say and do the right thing than be liked
  2. If you can sell and make things in a downturn you will be ok
    An ability to lead people and improve results is also vital
  3. We aren't here for any reason we are a small piece of a universe we don't understand - only we hold ourselves back
  4. Actions are more important than words - knowing and thinking are important but doing is what counts
  5. Question everything
  6. Our life is a reflection of our choices and we are ultimately responsible for its direction
  7. Acting with the intention of others will in turn make our own lives great and allow us to get over fear
  8. Discipline leads to freedom you can have the pain of discipline or the pain of regret
  9. If something is to be done do it now, tomorrow will bring new unseen challenges
  10. Don't ruin today thinking about tomorrow or yesterday
  11. It's more important to do 1 thing well than it is to be working on multiple have done endeavours