1. Eric tells me to hurry up putting our children to bed so we can watch this great show he just found out about called "Veep."
    I tell him I watched it when it came out in 2012 but sure.
  2. Eric starts snoring ten minutes into the episode.
    I finish rewatching the show alone.
  3. The episode ends, and I try to put on the next one, but the cable isn't working and it keeps telling me to try again later.
  4. Eric wakes up, sees the situation, takes the remote and tries to do the same thing I've been trying, which is basically nonverbal mansplaining.
  5. Eric gives up and puts on one of his reality cop shows without consulting me.
  6. Eric mentions our plans for the morning, which I confess I'd forgotten about.
    He asks if I took my medication today, which is our version of, "Are you PMSing?"
  7. I go to bed before 10