A Marital Conversation
  1. "No but just watch."
  2. This holds no interest for me whatsoever
  3. "No but it's this huge tree in his yard and they're cutting it down."
  4. It's not that I don't understand what's happening here. It's that I don't care.
  5. "It's ten minutes long but I watched the first nine minutes and it's at the good part now."
  6. One minute is too much of my life to waste on this.
  7. "Look, it's about to go!"
  8. There is no payoff that will make this worth my attention.
  9. "Watch the guy run now!"
  10. I'm in bed and it's 11pm please let me take Buzzfeed quizzes in peace.
  11. "Now listen to Mike yell!"
  12. Mike yelling is the least interesting thing in this video, which is quite an achievement
  13. "Ok it's over now"
  14. Yes, I gathered that when the tree fell.