Things on my to do list ahead of "sew a personalized stocking for my daughter's baby doll"

  1. Vacuum the stairs
  2. Clean out my purse
  3. Clean out my car
  4. Call potential tutoring client
  5. Order birthday present for my niece
  6. Eat lunch
  7. Cook dinner
  8. Feed the cats
  9. Finish the laundry
  10. Do the dishes
  11. Wipe down the counters
  12. Fill out pre-k paperwork
  13. Exchange backpack
  14. Order new contact lenses
  15. Weed entire yard
  16. Put bookshelf together
  17. Order/sew Halloween costumes
  18. Find bras that fit/are comfortable
  19. Repot Christmas cactus
  20. Order custom built dining set
  21. Find mirrors for bathrooms
  22. Write this list
  23. Catch up on 36 years of scrapbooking
  24. Finish reading parenting book
  25. Catch up on "Bachelor in Paradise"