I'm not suggesting it's the best city, just that I love it.
  1. We elected a mayor who happens to be a Muslim.
    And annoyed Trump in the process. Double bubble.
  2. It's diversity never fails to amaze and delight me.
    Brick lane, Chinatown, Southall
  3. We're spoiled for culture. I
    Meltdown, festival of light, V and A, Tate Modern
  4. Soho
    The stomping ground of Francis Bacon and Jeffrey Bernard.
  5. Highgate Cemetery
    The stomping ground of Karl Marx
  6. Southbank
  7. Gordon's Wine Bar
    An absolute must.
  8. London at Christmas
  9. Brixton Academy
    The music lovers' temple.
  10. Gerry's Wine & Spirits
    Old Compton Street