Best DTLA lots if you are going to the Last Bookstore
  1. SW corner of 4th and Spring
    You don't have to cross any streets!
  2. Spring St. Between 5th and 6th (east side of street)
    Wide diagonal spots available. Always open spots, which makes you wonder. Until you realize that the occasional gunman likes to hang out there. Upside is, while police search for gunman under your car, you have time to pick out yummy gluten free mini cupcakes from Big Man Bakes. Downside is that you will forever react to other driver's flashing lights not as sign to turn your own headlights on, but bc you assume someone in the back seat about to murder you.
  3. Spring St. Between 4th and 5th (west side of street, directly adjacent to Last Bookstore)
    If you are searching for some thrill-seeking, stop the bungee jumping/sky diving Internet research right now and drive on down to this lot. You will experience unbridled terror and a heightened awareness of your own mortality. If you do make it out of this lot unscathed (50/50 chance) you will feel ALIVE LIKE NEVER BEFORE!!!!
  4. NW corner of 4th and Spring
    At this lot, you will receive a free lesson in car reversing since backing into spots is mandatory here. Calling upon Oprah's mantra you may start off faking it until you make it, but at some point, after a few visits, you will realize with joy that you can now reverse with the best of them! Downside: valet only.
  5. Building lot between 4th and 5th (west side of street)
    If the lot across the street is good for thrill-seekers, this lot is PERFECT for people who like haunted houses and going to Knott's Scary Farm around Halloween. You will experience fear-filled mazes of dark shadows, mysterious rust colored stains on the walls and many varieties of free needles on the ground. It is absolutely the place the main character of a horror movie would run into, despite the brightly lit Bar Ama right next door. Dark alley adjacent is a special bonus!
  6. Building lot between 4th and 5th (east side of street)
    Good place to take your ex's car or a rental car that you purchased full at-the-counter insurance for. If you are looking for sweet revenge, this is the lot for you!