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Dismissing obvious gender equality issues only leads to increasing gender inequality. The more we identify and call attention to the clear disparity between men and women in our society the easier it could be to affect meaningful change.
  1. When a female friend complained of being cold despite her heavy pants and recalled being disciplined by a teacher for wearing pants at school in the winter "because girls wear skirts and pants are for boys" and that if she wore pants "she wouldn't look like a girl".
    When asked if there was any follow up to this clearly sexist statement she dismissed the incident saying "it's not a gender issue". Clothing should not have a gender and wearing pants should not be a source of discipline.
  2. When a friend insisted that everyone had to get "the boys toy" in a happy meal
    Why are toys broken into girls and boys? Fun is not gender specific.
  3. When a work program that targeted "softer" skills included 60% women, while the average gender split was 80% men.
    When questioned as to why this was I was told to "stop raising gender issues".
  4. When wandering around a store selling automotive tools and parts I found a pink and grey tool kit specifically labeled as "for women"
    Are women unable to use tools unless they are pink? Why not just sell a pink toolkit? Why does it have to have a gender assignment?
Taking my husband geocaching with some friends for his birthday. Deciding where to go has not been simple. My pining for old fashioned techniques that are tech free is not well regarded.
  1. No, no that is too close. You have to go out further. 45 mins from home is not a Super Birthday Sunday destination!
  2. Why are we looking at a large paper fold out map and not the online one from Google? Or the one that shows you all the geocaches?
  3. Where did all these brochures come from? And why are you yelling that you can't find the one you want?
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Being told that "If I were a man then I would have been able to progress further with less effort and far more quickly, but as a woman, I need to work harder and fight for opportunities because I need to prove I can do it". This is the glass ceiling. #genderequity #equalpayforequalwork
There is a revival in audio drama happening through podcasts and this is some of the great stuff coming out right now.
  1. King Falls AM
    King Falls AM centres on a late night radio talk show hosted by Sammy and Ben and the strange, paranormal and peculiar town of King Falls and its inhabitants. It's weird and wonderful. You'll fall in love with Ben and Emily and cry for Kingsy.
  2. Hadron Gospel Hour
    HGH chronicles the misadventures of a self-obsessed scientist, a hapless IT guy, a sentient lab and a quantum-fractured maintenance worker as they try to fix a catastrophic rift in the fabric of reality the only way they know how, hosting a podcast. MST3000 and Hitchhikers Guide hosting a podcast. Come for Dr Oppenheimer but stay for Cyrus and Higsby.
  3. Wolf 359
    Communications officer Doug Eiffel is stuck on the U.S.S. Hephaestus Research Station, orbiting the red dwarf star Wolf 359, 7 and a half light years from earth. A ripping space adventure, you'll be captivated.
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If you can only have 5, in no particular order.
  1. High Fidelity
    Top 5 of all Top 5's.
  2. Little Women
    Christmas won't be Christmas without any presents. Oh Beth! Jo tried so hard and Laurie. That terrible Mr Brooks. Reading this book is like visiting with good friends.
  3. One Hundred Years of Solitude
    I understand imagination and magic and dreaming and life through this tale.
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  1. It's going to be OK
  2. Go to uni and study art.
    Don't try the international business and Japanese double degree. You will hate it. You will drop out and end up paying back huge debts for a course you didn't attend.
  3. It's going to be fantastic
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  1. Rollerskate
  2. Play CDs loudly and dance
  3. Paint all the crazy stuff you want that isn't an assignment and doesn't look like anything
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  1. Murder She Wrote
    Jessica Fletcher would be a scary lady to know. You either get killed or you get caught for murder.
  2. Dr Phil
    He's so rude and sassy
  3. Kerry Anne
    Does Kerry Anne still have a show?
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