A Danish Christmas Dinner Prepared in Spain

I am going to prepare a Traditional Danish Christmas dinner in Spain
  1. 'Andesteg'In Denmark its tradition to eat pork roast, duck or goose. I am going to buy a duck and fill it with apples and prunes. It has to roast for around 6-7 hours ( low heat) in the oven. I will place the duck on an oven rack . Underneath it I'm going to place a baking pan with water ( and possibly the neck and wing tips of the duck for gravy.
  2. Boiled potatoes
    Potatoes boiled in salted water.
  3. 'Rødkål' Red cabbage
    I'm going to chop a red cabbage in thin slices, I'll roast it in a pot with a little butter and afterwards I'll add some vinegar and sugar.
  4. 'Brune kartofler' "Brown potatoes" ( potatoes fried in sugar
    I'm going to hear some sufar@on a pan until o melts - I'll as some water and butter and put in some small, boiled potatoes and leave them by medium heat. Every 5 minutes I'll turn them until they are brown all the way around
  5. Desert: Ris a la Mande (rice pudding w. Cherrysauce)
    First I'm going to cook a porridge of rice, milk, sugar and vanilla. When it's cold I'll mix in cream and small pieces of almonds. You eat it cold with cherry sauce on top ( I will also make the cherry sauce myself)