A European's thought on Hillary Clinton

Even though I have no business deciding who the next American President will be, your choice will affect me - as well as the rest of the world. Also, I'm not saying Donald Trump is better ( but everyone already agrees that he is ridiculous). I don't understand the excitement people seems to feel about Hillary
  1. Why is it the fact that she's a woman reason enough to vote for her?
    Off course a female president would be great, but the candidate's political views should be more important than their sex! Voting for someone just because she is a woman makes no sense. It's like voting for someone because he is black, white, Latino, tall or... You get the point
  2. It seems like Hillary has no desire to fix the most important issue the U.S. faces today: economic inequality in the US.
    Hillary has no desire to change the problem of the top one percent getting more and more wealthy, while the middle class is getting poorer. The inequality in the U.S. is greater than in any country, at any time in history - ever!
  3. Watching the Noam Chomsky documentary the other day I realized that the U.S. Democracy has turned into a rule of business and money - thus is no longer a democracy in the sense of majority rule. Hillary Clinton is a huge part of this, by receiving huge amounts of money businesses expects her to lead a business friendly policy, this is a problem!
    You could argue that the U.S. is not even a capitalist country anymore, since banks get bailed out by the statewide ever they get bankrupt, in that sense the state is helping companies when they have financial struggles but not people. - In he end the poor people are the only ones that suffer the consequences of a capitalist system
  4. The foreign policy won't change with Hillary as President
    This has a huge impact on the rest of the world. Perpetual war in the Middle East, which also aims to secure US control with oil resources is not something many Europeans wishes will continue.