This was hard! What is a favorite movie? Just because you have watched a movie lots of times doesn't mean it qualifies- on the other hand you can have watched a movie only one time, loved it, but never wanted to watch it again. I base my list on the feeling I had the first time I watched the movie.
  1. Life is beautiful // la vita e bella
  2. Goodbye Lenin
  3. The lives of others // Das leben der anderen
  4. What's eating Gilbert Grape
  5. The Godfather 1
  6. Hannah and her Sisters & Radio days ( I love almost every Woody Allen movies)
  7. Reality Bites
  8. My girl 1 & 2
  9. Interstellar
  10. Amelie
  11. Motorcycle Diary // Diario Motocicleta
  12. The little princess and the secret garden
    My favorite movies as a kid. Also the Swedish 'Ronja Røverdatter
  13. Muriel's wedding
  14. The official story // La historia official
  15. A single Man
  16. The Educators // die fetten jahre
  17. Happy farm - I have watched this many times!
  18. Spirited away
  19. Some Almodovar movie probably...
  20. Terms of endearment ( have only watched it once, a long time ago though).
  21. Life of pie ( not because of the story, but I loved the cinematography)
  22. Singing in the rain
  23. La la land