These are some of the first words/ phrases I learned in Mexico. These phrases can be combined in many different ways :)
  1. No mames
    When can't you say this? Mostly it is used I the situation where you in English would say something like "really?!", "are you serious?!" To show surprise and disbelief... Literal translation: don't suck. Later I found out that you are not supposed to say it at work, school, in front of kids etc
  2. Wey
    Wey is like "man" is English. You can call anybody wey ( almost) mostly guys use it when talking to a guy friend. You can use it at the end of almost any sentence when talking to a friend
  3. Cabron
    You can be a good cabron or bad cabron. It can be more offensive than wey, but can also be a friendly way to say hey man
  4. Qué pedo /No hay pedo
    Literal translation: what's the fart/ there is no fart. Meaning: what's up/ and no hay pedo= no problem
  5. Chido, chingon
  6. Un chingamadral
    A lot of something. 'Tenemos un chinga madral de cosas'
  7. Que onda?
    Not sure of literal translation, but meaning is like qué pedo = what's up
  8. Gustas?
    Well the verb gustar ( to like) is used a lot, but "gustas" ?is used all the one to ask if you want some food. For instance if one person buys some cookies, he will ask you 'gustas?'
  9. De la chingada
    Curse word you want to complain about something. 'Este pastel esta de la chingada'
  10. Thank you to my teacher @Cardo