1. Dinner party
    Michael and Jan hosts a dinner party and everything goes wrong. The dynamic between Michael and Jan is amazing - in fact she might be one of my favorite characters on the show. The whole night is incredible awkward.
  2. Beach games
    Michael has a big plan to find his own replacement - even before being promoted, and he makes a trip to the beach into a evaluation of who will be the best manager. Toby of course cannot come and Pam has to be a diligent note taker. Btw love that Michael wears any- short from Sandals, Jamaica ( where he wen with Jan)
  3. Diversity day
    Michael has made an inappropriate Chris Rock routine and Mr. Brown comes to teach him about diversity. Michael decided to make his own diversity class. Highlights: Michael makes a super short video where he explains that he's the founder of dversiry tomorrow, because today is almost over. When the players have to treat each other according to various stereotypes - each has a paper with a race on their forehead and has to guess his/ her races based on the other peoples reactions to them.
  4. The injury
    Michael burns his foot on a George Foreman grill...