1. The climate
    Year round it's nothing but blue skies and comfortable temperatures, with cool nights. It's never too hot, never too cold and no humidity. The rainy season lasts from around June - September but mostly consists of a fast rain and afterwards it's sun and blue skies once again
  2. The center
    Filled with people, traffic, chaos and small shops - Guadalajara is a big city but somehow you feel like you are in a small town when you walk around the center
  3. It's only 4-5 hours from the pacific coast and the beautiful beaches
  4. The markets
    Filled with fresh and exotic fruits and veggies - the Mexican markets are the best
  5. The locale cuisine
    Being Danish - the Mexican kitchen took some getting used to, but after having lived there for a long time I grew to ADORE the local dishes especially carne en su jugo y aguachile
  6. The entrepreneur mentality
    Compared to Europe there is a spirit of anything is possible in Mexico that I love. Everybody has a business or thinking about starting one. Compared to Europe where the general idea is that anything worth making has already been done
  7. The living in the moment and mañana mañana philosophy :)
  8. The artesania
    The local arts and crafts are just amazing! Go to the arts and crafts market and you'll be amazed
  9. The houses
    From the outside you pass a facade thinking that it's just a small house, but once you enter the door a labyrinth of rooms, terraces and cute balconies are hiding, although the house doesn't look like much from the outside.