1. Everything closes for siesta
    When will I get used to not try and go shopping between 2 pm and 5 pm. With exception of some supermarkets everything closes
  2. Not being able to contact people by email or phone
    You can try, but it's probably best just to go in person...
  3. The red tape
    Wow - the amount of weird papers and documents and waiting in line
  4. The way people talk
    Coming from Mexico the Spanish accent sounds weird and they probably think my Mexican Spanish with a Danish accent sounds weird as well ;)
  5. How do people get water?
    A compelling mystery... Since you cannot drink the water from the tap people buy water, but unlike for instance in Mexico there doesn't seem to be anybody delivering water - instead you have to go and buy 8 kilo water bottles at the super market
  6. Why don't they have central heating?
    People here always say that it does not get cold in winter and houses don't have heating. However with an average temperature of 15 degrees Celsius and temperatures down to 5 degrees Celsius in the night, the houses get coooooold