I am studying a Master in Spain - I started a month ago and I'm still confused most of the time - mostly about my schedule, and sometimes confused because of the language ( even though I feel like I'm understanding almost everything ). Well the most interesting thing I have learned so far is:
  1. That what we call global human rights actually have been created based on western culture and history
  2. Therefore the rights are not universal - they do not represent other cultures, but are only a reflection of a Western concept/ understanding of what are human rights are.
  3. The rights have been used to exercise cultural imperialism - the western world has ignored dictators and only intervened when they had economical/ geopolitical interests
  4. The Solution is a cross-cultural dialogue where the different cultures get into a dialogue
  5. The dialogue will create mutual understanding and respect and this way it will be possible to create a new set of truly universal human rights.
  6. This is basically just a resume of a text by Sousa Santos, but I thought it was interesting.