The other day I realized how many new movies that are based on true stories; The Revenant, Spotlight, Trumbo, Staight Outta Compton, Black Mass, The Big Short, The Danish Girl - at the moment it is actually rare that a movie is not based on a true story 😉
  1. The story has to tell something new and not just be a compilation of well known facts
    I just saw the movie, Trumbo the other day and I thought it was great - mainly because I had no idea about this blacklisting of writers
  2. The movie should have value as a work of art and not just be a description of facts a la a documentary. There has to be a reason why this story was made into a movie
    If I want to know the exact facts of what happened, I prefer to watch a documwntary. One example of this done right is the new Steve Jobs movie; to be honest I didn't want to watch a movie about him, but Sorkin found a cool and interesting way to tell a story about him, by setting the movie backstage of various of Jobs' presentations and thereby telling a lot about him, but avoiding the chronological life- death story.
  3. A good 'based on a true story' movie catches your interest and makes you want to find out more about the true story.
    For instance, I didn't know anything about the rappers from NWA, but the documentary made me wanna learn more about them, what happened and their music
  4. Finally, to all of you script writers out there, movies don't have to be based on true stories. Yesterday i watched a fun Australian movie called Love Serenade that wasn't based on any true story 😉 ( it's on Netflix).