1. Melon ballers
    Michael's description of Doctor David Friendly's Egg Yolk Diet: "It's, it's kind of unique. It's just, my diet the last couple months has consisted mostly of eggs yolks and cottage cheese. And, um, what you do, you don't just have the egg yolks, it's not like a Rocky thing. You do like hard boiled eggs and I got one a those melon ballers and I, it's just like a little ice cream scoop, and I just scoop out the middle of the egg and just pop it in my mouth. I don't even use a plate anymore".
  2. Michaels version of coffee: milk and sugar ( no coffee).
  3. Bacon in the morning
    Since he doesn't have a butler he puts a few slices on the George Foreman grill before he goes to bed . When he wakes up he plugs in the grill, then goes back to sleep so he can wake up to the smell of bacon.
  4. Scotch and Splenda: "Tastes like splenda, gets you drunk like scotch".
  5. A bowl of mayonnaise with olives as replacement for ice cream.
  6. 'One of everything': equal parts scotch, absinthe, rum, gin, vermouth, triple sec and two packs of Splenda.
  7. The watermelon Dwight gives birth to
  8. Lots of Spaghetti Alfredo before running 'the fun run'
  9. Grenadine is his drink
  10. An entire chicken pot pie for lunch
  11. The Awesome blossom ( with extra awesome) and baby back ribs at Chilies
  12. A full rotisserie Chickens worth of all dark meat
    He asks Ryan for this after he has burned his foot
  13. Yams and yoghurt ( with aspirin ) after burning his foot.
  14. Power drink - flavor: blue blast
  15. Filet O fish ( lots of them)