@MegRogers and I host movie trivia once a week at a local cinema. This is one of our fav categories. #Film #Quiz
  1. “⭐️. Totally unrealistic. No way that guys into karate would run ANY school."
    The Karate Kid
  2. "⭐️. Save up and buy a color camera Mr. Spielberg you moron. Then perhaps people will watch your stupid films.”
    Schindler's List
  3. “⭐️. Turns out he’s NOT a magician.”
    Magic Mike
  4. “⭐️. Such a stupid premise for a movie. Why didn’t they just leave?”
  5. “⭐️. One star because this movie only has one star and, unfortunately, that star is Ryan Gosling.”
  6. “⭐️. Only one kill with it the entire movie, HARDLY a massacre.”
    Texas Chain Saw Massacre
  7. “⭐️. Total garbage. Leo won the Oscar for supporting the climate change hoax, not for acting.”
    The Revenant
  8. “⭐️. Thought Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx were holding hands on the cover, was expecting something more sensual.”
    White House Down
  9. "⭐️. First the Fifth element, now this? What is next? The Seventh Donut?"
    The Sixth Sense
  10. "⭐️. There were no wolves in the movie."
    The Wolf of Wall Street
  11. "⭐️. It is a musical. I didn’t know that. I watched about 7 minutes. They were walking around snapping their fingers. I was like, oh no, this is a musical."
    West Side Story
  12. "⭐️. I thought this was a documentary about Italian cooking in Seattle and boy was I disappointed when a cartoon showed up at my door."
    Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
  13. "⭐️. Which penguin is Morgan Freeman?"
    March of the Penguins
  14. "⭐️. Please just imagine if you were a Fernfield basketball player that lost his job to a golden retriever."
    Air Bud
  15. "⭐️. It’s hard to believe that a hotel that size in Colorado would close in the winter with all the skiing business."
    The Shining
  16. "⭐️. Boy who takes pictures goes to college and grows a mustache. There, I just saved you three hours."