I recently completed my 100th list. What I didn't realize—and, honestly, am shocked that no one has been talking about—are the sweet, new features that get unlocked when you break 100. #Brands #List
  1. List title font colors
    I'm using "Midnight Shadow" for this one!
  2. VIP Li.st Lounge where each of The Hundies can choose one list to start trending every hour.
    I had no idea!
  3. New nickname: The Hundies.
  4. 24/7 list support from Bernard Jordan Novak, himself.
  5. List Autopilot
    Randomly auto-generates lists based off of @Grosstastic's most popular posts.
  6. Suggested Emoji
    "Looks like you're talking about lady parts. How about using 👌🏽, 🍰, or 🍉?"
  7. Sponsored Bullets
    Make money while you list!
  8. Spy Cam Mode
    Uses phone cameras to watch users as they compose their lists. Lookin' good, @stevecady!
  9. SPONSORED: What's in YOUR wallet?
  10. Auto❤️ing
    Why read when you can auto❤️?