1. Facebook Memories
    Ohhh, that's THIS week.
  2. Dental postcards
    Six months already, huh?
  3. "Breaking News" notification from my local paper
    Something major happened YESTERDAY.
  4. Hundreds of people I haven't heard from all year Facebook messaging me on the same morning.
    Happy birthday to me. Remember to unfriend that person tomorrow.
  5. Exercise infomercials on broadcast television
  6. Judge shows on broadcast television
  7. M.A.S.H. on broadcast television
    Bedtime! (When I was 8)
  8. Snaps from Team Snapchat
    Every. Single. Holiday. (Also, basically the only snaps I ever receive.)
  9. Google Doodles
    "I have no idea of the historical significance of today's doodle, but check out this fun mini-game!"
  10. Complete and utter darkness.
    The sweet, sweet release of death.