1. "I cannot and will not condone the words of Donald Trump."
  2. "I have a wife, a daughter, and a mother—and they are shocked at the way Trump talks to and about women. Their periods are probably syncing, obviously."
  3. "I'm appalled. I'm sure he'll change once he gets into the White House. But still."
  4. "I can't believe he forgot to not say that stuff out loud!"
  5. "Presidential candidates will be Presidential candidates."
  6. "Inexcusable! Hillary is worse, but inexcusable!"
  7. "I refuse to vote for this man unless he produces even a half-hearted apology!"
  8. "This is not what the Republican Party is like in public!"
  9. "Trump cannot just threaten to lock up his political opponent if he wins! He'll need the support of a Republican-led Congress to do that!"
  10. "I can't believe this guy got to Nancy O'dell first!"
  11. "The only way I can possibly see myself voting for this guy is if he HOLDS A PRESS CONFERENCE and ADMITS that his STAFFERS have been MISREPRESENTING HIM on Twitter and that got him all MIXED-UP emotionally which happens from time to time. Outrageous!"
  12. "I don't even think he was serious about letting me sit in his Oval Office chair if elected! And if he was, he better reply to my email on the subject!"