Sincerest of apologies to Paul Simon. #Music
  1. Tap on an Uber, Rupert
  2. You do the Harlem Shake, Jake
  3. Trigger a Rube Goldberg machine, Gene
  4. When Trump wins, move to Canada, Miranda
  5. Get up and skeedaddle, Brad L.
  6. Fall off your hover board, Gord
  7. Backpack through France, Nance
  8. Take off on Southwest, Jess
  9. Get you some Yeezy sneaks, Reek
  10. Host a Bernie rally, Sally
  11. Start up a new podcast, Chaz
  12. Say, "Look over there," Claire
  13. Sneak out near the intermission of a play, Clay
  14. Forget to pay rent, Brent
  15. Just tell 'em you're gay, Fay
  16. Say you didn't like Hamilton, Amber Lynn
  17. Fake a new ID, Lee
  18. Pretend to mimin', Simon
  19. Fade into the bush, Kutch
  20. Say "just one more level," Neville
  21. Netflix 'n flee, Reid
  22. Pretend to be a Morman, Norman
  23. Get your GED, Bea
  24. Just tell 'em to step, Kep
  25. Ghost all of their snaps, Shap
  26. Tell him that you're preggie, Peggy
  27. Join a hip, new cult, Walt
  28. Relax on the beach, Screech
  29. Get extradited for treason, Gleason
  30. Make your countenance stiffen, Griffin
  31. Go to be with the trees, Reece
  32. Drown yourself in booze, Cruz
  33. Just put up a wall, Paul
  34. Text her that you're all done, Son
  35. Run a couch to 5k, Rey
  36. Grab your phone and jet, Rhett
  37. Make her think that you died, Clyde
  38. Go and visit your mom, Tom
  39. Play some GTA IV, George
  40. Say your phone's in the john, Ron
  41. Pretend that you're deaf, Jeff
  42. Make a new life in France, Chance
  43. Set her up with ya boy, Lloyd
  44. Try a unicycle, Michael
  45. Make up a new name, "Jayne"
  46. Eat at Chick-fil-A, Bae
  47. Go chase a big storm, Norm
  48. Take the world's longest dump, Trump
  49. Charge up your new Tesla, Chessa
  50. Join a shoegaze band, Bran
  51. And just get yourself free...