Apologies to Paul Simon. #MakeFolkGreatAgain #Politics #Music
  1. Just have the best words, Perd
  2. Sport a fake tan, Stan
  3. Assault a bunch of women, Glenn
    Don't you apologize
  4. Don't pay your tax, Jack
  5. Get caught on a bus, Gus
  6. Say that you'll build a wall, Saul
    And make Mexico pay
  7. Don't talk policies, Steve
  8. Run a fake university, Lee
  9. Make sub-par steaks, Jake
  10. Make fun of disabilities, Reece
  11. Have ties with Russia, Ke$ha
  12. Grab ladies' vaginas, Dinah
  13. Lack government experience, Jens
  14. Threaten opponents with jail, Gail
  15. Make your ties overseas, Louise
  16. Don't comb down your hair, Claire
  17. Pretend that you love Jesus, Beezus
  18. Over-annunciate "China," Regina
  19. Say that you're gonna sue, Lou
  20. Keep insulting Rosie, Josie
  21. Complain that it's rigged, Wiig
  22. Chant "All Lives Matter," Kat R.
  23. Obsess about your hands, Rand
  24. Stop gun-free zones, Joan
  25. Dismiss climate change, Bane
  26. Support more coal, Joel
  27. Pretend you're a Trump, Drumpf
  28. Kiss but don't ask, Cass
  29. Expand concealed-carry, Gary
  30. Get talking points from Breitbart, Art
  31. Instigate violence, Pence
  32. Grow out your 'brows, Tao
  33. Creep out your daughter, Claude R.
  34. Ban Muslims coming in, Quinn
  35. Keep refugees out, Scout
  36. Think all blacks live in ghettos, Gepetto
  37. Defund PP, Cherie
  38. Cheat on your pregnant bride, Clyde
  39. Deport 11 million, William
  40. Support war crimes, LeAnn Rimes
  41. Call out the GOP, Reed
  42. Fight "War on Christmas," Russ
  43. Post a midnight tweet, #Pete
  44. Steal others' speeches, Peaches
  45. Claim the President started ISIS, Chris
  46. Destroy your own party, Marty
  47. Kick out black tenants, Dennis
  48. Fire people on a show, Joe
  49. Post some really dank memes, Gene
  50. Make America Great, Kate
    And just get yourself free.