You guys remember albums, right? #Music #Pete
  1. Automatic for the People by R.E.M.
  2. Ben Folds Five by Ben Folds Five
  3. Comfort Eagle by Cake
  4. Dookie by Greenday
  5. Eat a Peach by The Allman Brothers
  6. Flood by They Might Be Giants
  7. Gimme Fiction by Spoon
  8. Highway 61 Revisited by Bob Dylan
  9. Illinois by Sufjan Stevens
  10. Judgment Night: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Various Artists
  11. Kind of Blue by Miles Davis
  12. Led Zeppelin IV by Led Zeppelin
  13. Modern Vampires of the City by Vampire Weekend
  14. No Need to Argue by The Cranberries
  15. OK Computer by Radiohead
  16. Purple by Stone Temple Pilots
  17. The Queen is Dead by The Smiths
  18. Rumours by Fleetwood Mac
  19. Siamese Dream by The Smashing Pumpkins
  20. Thriller by Michael Jackson
  21. Unplugged in New York by Nirvana
  22. Vampire Weekend by Vampire Weekend
  23. Watermark by Enya
  24. XO by Elliott Smith
  25. Yankee Hotel Foxtrot by Wilco
  26. Z by My Morning Jacket