Stolen theme from @lzlwsn and @dangervillage #Film #Music
  1. Creation - Making Time / Rushmore
    Such an incredible montage track, trés Kinks-ian.
  2. Metric - Black Sheep / Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
    Dynamic track with a deliciously delicate chorus.
  3. Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes / Say Anything
  4. De La Soul & Teenage Fanclub - Fallin' / Judgment Night
    Super-chill rap/rock collab on an incredible soundtrack of collabs supporting a lackluster film. Also, how I remember to spell "judgment" correctly.
  5. Grouplove - Let Me In / The Fault in our Stars
    Honestly, the best part about this movie.
  6. Catherine - Whisper / Scream
    James Iha-inspired track that was always where I wanted the Smashing Pumpkins to go.
  7. The Champs - Tequila / Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
    So young, so impressionable. Related: recently found the best of The Champs on vinyl at a thrift store; too many scratches, did not buy.
  8. Nico - These Days / The Royal Tennenbaums
    Slo-mo backing track to the maxxx.
  9. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Soul to Squeeze & Barenaked Ladies - Fight the Power / Coneheads
    Can't decide, won't decide. Another great soundtrack for a mediocre film with these gems. Bonus points for a Digable Planets track, back on tour this summer!
  10. Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody / Wayne's World
    It got lodged DEEP inside of me.
  11. Elliott Smith - Miss Misery / Good Will Hunting
    And so began a love affair.
  12. Steeler's Wheel - Stuck in the Middle / Reservoir Dogs
    The day I learned you could use music ironically in film to great effect.