1. What movie caught Holly Golightly sneaking over to George Peppard’s apartment?
  2. Robert Zemeckis owns the right to what 1985 film and its sequels and maintained in 2015 that he will authorize no reboots or additional sequels in his lifetime?
  3. What film saw Charles Grodin and Bonnie Hunt playing a married couple, despite the fact that Grodin was 26 years older than Hunt in real life?
  4. In what 1962 Burt Lancaster film were his only friends feathered ones?
  5. Jack Nicholson plays the main bad guy in what film, a role that he took away from Robin Williams after Williams had already agreed to play it?
  6. Trey Parker and Matt Stone only agreed to do what 1998 film under the false assumption that by the time filming began, South Park would have already been canceled?
  7. What film was the only ever film collaboration of actor-comedians John Candy and Richard Pryor?
  8. In what poignant 1979 movie did Peter Sellers turn on the TV & tune out the world?
    1. Breakfast at Tiffany's 2. Back to the Future 3. Beethoven 4. The Birdman of Alcatraz 5. Batman 6. BASEketball 7. Brewster's Millions 8. Being There