Li.st is cool, but let's face it: this place is mostly Diva cups and Disney quotes. Here are a few options ready to handle the unique needs of men. (Now taking angel investors.)
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    A 360-degree stall wall for you to peruse and zoom, full of inspirational Nike® quotes, random Twitter handles, and angry Nirvana lyrics. Inspired? Grab the virtual sharpie hanging from a string and start scrawling!
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    A series of random images and ideas rotate in front of your screen. Agree? Shake your phone up and down. Disagree? Shake it side-to-side. Got it?
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    GTA V
    This is just Grand Theft Auto V. But you use your weapons to shoot up store walls and enemy vehicles around town with insightful messages for other dudes to read.
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    Bae Copy
    Basically, your posting choices are limited to things you significant other has already posted. Trust me, it's just easier this way. (See also: retweets and shares.)