It'll come as no surprise to all of you that I've been using my cheat time to finish up a collection of new children's books. #Words #Parenthood #Politics
  1. Okay, So, Maybe You Can't Grow Up To Be President
  2. All Harambes Go To Heaven
  3. The Pokey Little POTUS
  4. One Fascist, Two Fascist, Orange Fascist, Rude Fascist
  5. The Make-Believe We Believe
  6. The Little Engineer That Could Be Targeted By The Trump Administration for Her Involvement in Climate Change Science
  7. Sometimes Boys Grab
  8. The Cuck in the Hat
  9. Everybody Poops (But Some People Believe, Falsely, That Theirs Doesn't Stink)
  10. Black Boy, Black Boy, What Do You See?
  11. Hillary Did What! Cried Granny
  12. Click, Clack, #FakeNews: Cows That Type
  13. Diarrhea of a Wimpy Kid: Bullying, Anxiety & You
  14. Goodnight, Mars (and Other Ramifications of Cutting Longterm NASA Funding)
  15. The Book with a Few Pictures, for Context
  16. The Very Money-Hungry Capitol-Hiller
  17. The Monster at the End of This Executive Order
  18. See Dick Dick Jane Out of Jane's Dough
    A Child's First Book on Capitalism in America!