1. Good morning, hi, shalom.
  2. Can everybody hear me in the back?
  3. I know that it's already your day of worship and rest, but, if Pew research statistics are to be believed, this is the only sermon many of you are actually going to get today.
  4. I'll try to keep it brief so you can get on to Olive Garden:
  5. Remember the Golden Rule? Let's do that. Let's treat others in the same manner, with the same fervor, with the same grace, and with the same determination that we want, expect and often demand to be treated with ourselves. For everyone. Wherever they live.
  6. (Let's also remember that this most important rule is at the heart of all human morality and exists in all cultures, not just ours.)
  7. But let's not just do that lightly or conveniently. Let's get involved. Let's build relationships. Let's give up our own stuff and comfort and capitol to do this, knowing and expecting that we may never see it return.
  8. Let's start where we live. Attend a #BLM event or a prayer vigil, sure. But let's go beyond this. Let's find the disenfranchised where we live. Let's join or build advocacy groups like "Not In Our Town." Let's sit on boards that oversee community missions. Let's demand citizen oversight of police activity in our community.
  9. Let's BE a big brother or sister.
  10. Also...
  11. "Love the sinner, hate the sin."
  12. Let's stop saying that.
  13. First of all, that's not actually in the bible.
  14. Secondly, the biblical mandate for hating sin is a personal one, non-transferable to other people.
  15. Your sins don't necessarily look like their sins. Your mandate is to "judge not." Your mandate is to "love." Love enemies, love neighbors, love to the ends of the earth. Love.
  16. So, that doesn't leave much room for hating things. That's a terrible brand for your religion, anyway, so let's just keep it out of your vernacular.
  17. One, last thing:
  18. This life-sized Noah's Ark theme park, by the same people who did the Creationist Museum? Don't go. It's an amusement park that threatens the sanctity of your movement. And it's bad science.
  19. So now, as you go on with the rest of your day, whether communing with juice and crackers or cheap wine and all-you-can-eat breadsticks, let us remember the dark-skinned, Jewish anchor baby who was unnecessarily detained for what he was selling and senselessly killed for acting inappropriately while in custody.
  20. Peace be with you, your spirit, and your Tour of Italy entree choices.
  21. Amen.