You know, the perfect sonic centerpiece for your hastily-thrown-together junior high party. #Music
  1. Static
  2. "Annoyed Cat"
  3. "Bat Fluttering by Conspicuously"
  4. "Unapologetic 'Thriller' Rip-off"
  5. "Dad Getting Up From Recliner After Thanksgiving Nap"
  6. "Creaky Footsteps, Despite Your Carpeted Basement"
  7. "Grandma Sleeping on Couch Loudly, with Reverb"
  8. "Rusted Door Opening Ridiculously Slowly, Even for Creatures of the Night"
  9. "Rusted Door Slamming Shut at Normal Speed, with Reverb"
  10. "Mom Wondering Who Turned the Lights Off Downstairs and Reminding Everyone That the Lights Need to Stay On Downstairs"
  11. "Clown, I Guess, Laughing Incessantly, with Reverb"
  12. "Sound Producers Blowing into Mic, without Windscreen"
  13. "Punch Bowl Going Ignored"