The results of Brother Jason's sit-down with the young, hip family who just moved to town:
  1. Kombucha in the communion cups and an artisanal wafer option
  2. Replace hand sanitizer stations with pomade stations
  3. Sermon series: "Pokemon Go And Make Disciples of All Nations"
  4. No set service times, just a text to the congregation Sunday mornings: "Homily n chill? 😜"
  5. Church members allowed to skip up to three hymns per hour
  6. Sermon series: "When God gives you LEMONADE, it's time to get in FORMATION"
  7. Youth pastors encouraged to wear robes and flippy sandals during office hours
  8. Unlockable badges for tithe & offering accomplishments
  9. Sunday school series: "#BlackLivesMatter Makes Jesus Feel Gladder"
  10. Post-service brunch with unlimited mimosas