ALT: Election Day Drinking Game! #Politics #TV
  1. Is Hillary Clinton Sick or Pregnant?
  2. VIDEO: These Trump Poll Watchers are Cancer Survivors
  3. Democrats Have Been Voting Early, but is it Legal?
  4. REPORT: Will Bill Be Allowed in the First Lady Wash Room?
  5. Chick-fil-A Offering Free Chicken Sandwiches for Tweeted Trump Votes
  6. POLL: Do You Think Votes for Clinton Should Only Count for 80% of a Vote?
  7. How would Benghazi Soldiers have Voted?
  8. BREAKING: Dead Benghazi Soldiers Denied Posthumous Voting Rights
  9. "Chelsea's Birth Certificate Reveals, It's Actually Spelled Clitnon."
    (No but seriously, Fox News spelled their name that way yesterday.)
    Suggested by @Boogie