I've seen twelve episodes now, so I have a *pretty* good sense of what to look for in a tiny house. #TV
  1. Small corner cabinet to store your failed dreams of making it in Las Vegas!
  2. Hinged window shades to obscure the view of your trailer park and/or RV neighbors!
  3. Extra storage under your built-in couch for your weed and weed accessories!
  4. Built-in mini tub for your seven cats to pee in!
  5. Extendable side deck that easily breaks into firewood once your realize you're not actually a lumberjack!
  6. Charred cedar siding to fit in when you roll up to Burning Man!
  7. A sleeping nook with a ceiling clearance of 3" because you don't *remember* being claustrophobic!
  8. A slide-out desk with pocket shelves to store your lawyer's contact information for when you and your spouse have been crammed in there for three months and are ready to call it quits!