That I just made up. #Words #List
  1. Mixed Cap
    A lister who's too intimidated to title their lists in all caps.
  2. Listocrat
    (Never Listpublican.) A user who believes that is somehow a democracy with policies and functionality that are implemented by a majority-driven mandate from the users.
  3. Easy Click
    Someone who is quick with a ❤️ and a 🔁. Ahem, @kcupcaker.
  4. Listorical Revisionist
    A lister who very subjectively and liberally interprets "what's going on" in the Listoverse to echo their own feelings.
  5. Wipeout
    When people who try to catch a Title Wave that's already being featured.
  6. Dfly Girls
    The starstruck horde of @dfly side chicks.