1. Zeus
  2. White snow is healthier than yellow snow.
  3. "Draining the swamp."
  4. Direct messages are better for the community than relists.
  5. The 3-second rule.
  6. If you touch an Elf on the Shelf, she loses her magic.
    Oh, and I touches 'em all.
  7. Trickle-down economics.
  8. Your letter will be processed faster with the zip+4 code.
  9. Marijuana is a gateway drug.
  10. Cut a deck of cards "thin to win."
  11. The food pyramid.
  12. "I" before "e" except after "c" or when sounded as "a" as in "neighbor" and "weigh."
  13. Christianity.
  14. You can get wrinkles out of your clothes by throwing a damp towel in the dryer.
  15. Always bet on black.
  16. Booster seats keep children safer in car accidents.
  17. Greedo shot first.
  18. Blowing on your Nintendo cartridge will magically resurrect your copy of "Pro Wrestling."
  19. Political "outsiders."
  20. The Lotto
  21. "You're gonna love the changes we've made to the app."